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Pop-it-on Sticker Pre-paid Pack (3, 6, 5, 9 or 12 stickers)

Pop-it-on Sticker Pre-paid Pack (3, 6, 5, 9 or 12 stickers)

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Watch your baby grow right before your eyes with Pop-it-on Stickers, our high quality, easy to stick, easy to love Sticker. The Pop-it-on Sticker was made for endurance and with little hands in mind, they will never slip off and will not peel over time.

This spot right here is where you order your additional 3, 6, 5, 9 or 12 sticker pre-paid tokens to finish off your Pop-it-on Collection (Whoa up Pop-it-on orderers, you already have 3 stickers in your kit so +9 is all you'll need. Penelope orderers you'll need the 12 😉). Order 12, 9, 6, 5 or 3 at once, it's up to you! With FREE shipping included these are super simple to order, and arrive at your door ready to stick!

How does the pre-paid pack work?

🥳 Once you have chosen the number of stickers you would like to order, a subscription code is provided for you (within 24 hours of check out). You can then use your token code to order your stickers over at Pop-it-on Stickers (Order here).

🥳 Already have your 12 images ready to go? Well if you have a kit already, just add the '9 sticker pre paid pack' to cart. If you have the Penelope Poster in your cart, go ahead and grab the '12 sticker pre paid pack'. Once checked out you will receive your Pop-it-on Sticker codes via email.

Once you have the code, head to Pop-it-on Stickers (Order here), design your stickers, check out with your Pop-it-on Sticker code and voila you stickers and Pop-it-on package are sent out to you all at once!

🥳 Sticker orders are collated at the end of each month to allow time to have your Pop-in shoot and will be dispatched by the 15th of the following month using NZ post. 

🥳 There is no limit on the number of stickers you order, so if you want to only order 1 sticker every 3 months that is a-ok! Take your time, order all at once, it's up to you.

Stickers are 10cm in diameter  


✍ Note

Snail mail (NZ post) postage included in pricing for the Pop-it-on Stickers.

If you would like a single sticker please go to our Pop-it-on Stickers (Order here).

Pop-it-on Stickers are designed for one stick only. This means if you pull your sticker off its surface, it may not want to stick to another surface.

Please keep in mind you get 3 stickers to start you off with any Pop-it-on Kit of your choice. This collection includes Pop-it-on Starter Kit, Pop-it-on Framed Kit & Pop-it-on Hazel Hanger Kit. Penelope Pop-it-on does not include any stickers so make sure you order 12 to fill er up!

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