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Pop-it-on Sticker (Order here!)

Pop-it-on Sticker (Order here!)

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Be it Pop-in or not these stickers are going to be your new way of showing off all those images you have hiding in the cloud, in albums and on your phone! 

This is your hot spot to upload your photos to order your Pop-it-on Stickers - whether you have a pre-paid pack, would like to order a single sticker, if you need a replacement or would like to order one by one. With shipping included these are super simple to order and arrive at your door ready to stick!

Pop-it-on Stickers were made for our Pop-it-on Collection but if you would like to order for another surface, you are more than welcome to. We only suggest that you stick your stickers to something of similar adhesive properties as our Pop-it-on boards which have a matt laminate finish. This will get the most out of your Pop-it-on Stickers.

Stickers are 10cm in diameter  


 ✍ Note

Snail mail postage already included in pricing for the Pop-it-on Stickers.

Once stickers have been placed on your desired spot, they are not meant to be removed again

Sticker orders are collated at the end of each month to allow time for you to have your Pop-in photo and will be dispatched by the 15th of the following month using NZ post (snail mail). 

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