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Winnie Wall Stickers

Winnie Wall Stickers

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Move your favourite photos around as much as you wish with Winnie’s Wall Stickers!

These wall stickers do not use adhesive, instead they have small silicone dots which is what sticks to the wall.

These high quality round wall decals can be removed and repositioned without leaving any nasty residue, even after months of being in the same place!

Perfect for the kids to decorate their room with, or as a simple way to display your favourite pictures, they will stick to any smooth surface, including glass, mirrors, cabinets and walls.

Placed on an easy peel backing means you can peel them off with ease.

Round stickers available in sizes
❤️ Small - set of 3 14 cm wall stickers
❤️ Large - 1 x 27 cm wall sticker

✍ Note

Delivery expectation is approximately 10 days.
If the dot starts losing it's stickiness after being repositioned, please check the silicone dots on the back for dust or dirt

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