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Christmas Tree Rubys (Spare Stickers)

Christmas Tree Rubys (Spare Stickers)

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Grab a spare set of stickers for your Christmas Tree Ruby if you're nervous about your sticking skills or if something went wrong the first time!

You can order the Spare Ruby Stickers at time of purchase or after purchase, we don't mind which way you choose to have your back up plan laid out.

We all make mistakes, it's just marvelous to have a back-up plan!


✍ Note

You will have to provide your original reference order number in the 'Special instructions for seller' field while still in your cart. Please also let us know the Ruby you need to reorder or back up. 

You will need to reorder here for a change of design.

Our Christmas Tree Ruby's are designed for one stick only. This means if you pull your sticker off its surface, it may not want to stick to another surface as long as promised.

Lone Spare Ruby Stickers will be sent via snail mail (NZ post). Expect delivery time of 1-2 weeks. If ordering spare's at the time of purchase, they will all be sent together.

Shipping included for this number!

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