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Mini Me Pop-in Photographers Kit

Mini Me Pop-in Photographers Kit

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Packed full of cuteness for your cuteasaurus!

Do you have a mega fan in your home? Or do you have a shy poppet that might find playing a Pop-in Photographer eases their anxious nature? The kit for the cuties and poppets that can't get enough of Pop-ins, will be a hit for sure.

 This Mini Me Kit includes,

🌈 1 x mini tickler (colours chosen at random: brown or white)
🌈 1 x mini camera (makes a sound and flashes!)
🌈 1 x child's finger sized duck puppet
🌈 3 x Pop-in stickers
🌈 and a whole lot of imagination bursting at the seams


✍️ Note

Free shipping on this one. $20 to keep your toddler happy? That's a yes from me.

Caution: 3+ warning for small bits and the feather tickler's pokey stick

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