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Super Squeegee

Super Squeegee

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Need a bit of help applying your ruby stickers, or just have lots of them to apply?

This little blue squeegee will help! 

The same size as our Ruby sticker at 10cm and shaped as a card, it will swipe down your ruby helping you to apply the sticker without bubbles.

It has a felted tip so you are not going to damage your sticker when using it.

Simply use the same as the card application method.

  1. Line up the top of the sticker with the top of the Ruby. 
  2. Holding the sticker in one hand, run your finger across the top in the other hand to stick the first little bit down on to the ruby at the top.
  3. Hold the sticker out from Ruby at an angle and apply pressure on the squeegee and keep that pressure on and swipe all the way down.

Please note there is a limit of one per order due to limited stock to hand. 

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